Bob Walser is endorsed by:

  • Representative Frank Hornstein, MN House District 61A
  • Senator Scott Dibble, MN Senate District 61
  • Representative Karen Clark, MN House District 62A
  • Senator Jeff Hayden, MN Senate District 62
  • Representative Raymond Dehn, MN House District 59B
  • Senator Bobby Joe Champion, Senate District 59
  • Minneapolis City Councilmember Lisa Goodman (Ward 7)
  • Minneapolis City Councilmember Lisa Bender (Ward 10)
  • Minneapolis City Councilmember Jacob Frey (Ward 3)
  • Jenny Arneson, Chair, Minneapolis Board of Educatio
  • Rebecca Gagnon, Director, Minneapolis Board of Education
  • Kim Ellison, Director, Minneapolis Board of Education
  • Tom Madden, former Chair, Minneapolis Board of Education
  • Julie Sabo, former Minnesota Senator, District 62
  • Margaret Anderson Kelliher, former Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives
  • Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Local 59
  • Service Employees International Union, Minnesota State Council
  • Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation
  • Minneapolis Democratic Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) 
  • Stonewall DFL Caucus
  • Our Revolution MN
Rep. Frank Hornstein & Bob Walser
Rep. Frank Hornstein & Bob Walser
Our Revolution MN

“Bob is a passionate voice for our schools and communities. His experience and commitment are vital to our kids’ success.” -Rep. Frank Hornstein